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Grow with us!!! As we earn, you also earn from each of our successful recorded transaction for lifetime. We pay through direct deposit into your bank account, Western Union, MoneyGram, Payoneer, Payeer or Skrill.


☆ Currently there are over 500, 000 SMEs, Banks, Insurance Firms, Media and Entertainment Companies, Multinationals amongst others seeking customers patronage for their products and services locally and globally, it is estimated that over a billion private and public businesses and institutions seek customers patronage from over 7 billions human beings all over the world.

☆ Most business owners are overwhelmed by monthly bills like salaries and benefits for employees. Hence the thriving of affiliate marketing;

☆ Most businesses are overwhelmed by trade unionism and disputes by employees. Some companies pay millions of united states dollars (USD) as severance allowances and legal fees.

☆ Most businesses spend so much on marketing, promotions, exhibitions to promote their products, services just to attract customers patronage

Make More Profits is designed to showcase the products and services of our business partners freely to the whole world in order to send them more customers using our unique commission offering technology;


Our vision is to promote a platform which will become a hub for affiliate marketing locally in particular and globally also. We foresee a future where most business owners will rather prefer to have very few employees and transfer the job of sourcing for business and customers patronage to affiliate marketers. A future when anybody not necessarily a graduate of any academic institution that has contacts, friends and relations as human asset can earn income from the daily spendings of his /her human assets.


☆ You can invest as little as $50 and as much as $50,000.00 on Make More Profits.
☆ You will join our pool of Diamond Stakeholders to earn from 10% of Make More Profits earning from each successful recorded business transaction.
☆ Our system automatically calculates your earning based on your investment value. The more cash you invest, the higher your earning!
☆ Access to profile ID/Investment stakes by other Diamond Stakeholders just to foster transparency
☆ Ability to re-invest your earnings or add fund to your investment stake so as to earn more. Investment Roll-over effect!
☆ Detailed reporting and analytics of your earnings and automatic withdrawals from online wallet real-time

To become a Diamond Stakeholder, fill-in the form below for automatic verification and start Getting good return on your investment as Make More Profits Grows Globally: